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Car Factory

Radio Solutions for

Purpose-built to improve communications.

How Icom's CONNECT Solutions Help


Two Technicians Working On Machine

Reduce downtime with seamless team collaboration.



Provide real-time communication to drive innovation.


Warehouse Worker with Walkie Talkie

Communicate with facilities on and off-site.


Construction Manager

Improve emergency response times.

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CONNECT two-way radios and devices with Icom's CONNECT solutions.

Unified Communications

Inside, Campus-wide, Nationwide, Worldwide

Let Your Mission Define Your Device

About Icom

Icom has a long record as a trusted manufacturer of land mobile, amateur, marine, navigation, aviation, network radios, and communication receivers. Excellence is a part of every Icom product. We meet high environmental standards and ISO 9001 standards for quality management. Icom has kept manufacturing in Japan with facilities that have advanced production systems. We are known for high quality, exceptional reliability, and global sustainability. 

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